Comply with compliance and regulations by using the TernioSwitch.

National Bank – Mortgage Division


We are in discussions with a couple of large financial institutions that are having a specific challenge. Banking mortgage divisions have teams that work in the office as well as in the field.  Historically, these mortgage consultants would make calls on their cell phones while at the office, in their homes and elsewhere, supporting their customer’s needs.  The challenge for the banks is that there are no records of any of these interactions.  For good reason, there are now strict regulations requiring banks to track every call as well as record them.  This is a complex challenge given all of the various mobile devices in thousands of different locations.  


The biggest challenge here is that the mortgage consultants have been comfortable working the way they’ve always worked. Implementing a new system will be challenging. The solution, if it were to be accepted by these employees, would have to be extremely easy to use and not be a dramatically different workflow than they’re used to.

 The TernioSwitch is the perfect solution. Once downloaded onto a mobile device, using the app is a completely intuitive experience. Agents log in when they start working for the day, then sales calls are routed directly to them, or they can direct dial out to customers. Every interaction is seamlessly integrated into the Nice inContact platform.  Every call is tracked, logged and recorded.  This gives the administrators the ability to manage, coach, and if needed, listen to each interaction for verification of what was being offered and promised, fulfilling the banking compliance and regulation requirements.