How can your sales and support team utilize insights from the internal departments of your company?


After years of struggling with logistical issues related to sales and support, an aerospace company turned to the TernioSwitch for help. The issue they faced was that each division in the company held the answer to specific questions or problems brought forward by the customer, however, there was little to no communication between the internal divisions. Much of their workforce was either rarely in the office, or moved between facilities, making communication difficult. 


Most companies use traditional call centers for their customer support or sales. For the most part, this works great. But, there are many applications where a mobile solution could add a depth of knowledge and an immediate response in supporting the customer experience and even assist in closing sales. This particular aircraft company is a perfect example of this. The first thing the company needed to do was clearly segment each division of their company into their particular specialty. In this case the groups included sales teams, mechanics, engineers, legal, finance, etc. All of the teams downloaded the TernioSwitch app onto their own mobile phones, and simply logged in when they came to work.   Once this was setup, the call center could easily conference in or transfer to the specific group or individual that was available where they could immediately address the issues, concerns, questions or sales inquiries directly with the customer- all of this occurring in seconds.  TernioSwitch was able to not only fix the problem, but brought added value to the organization by routing calls to individuals and teams throughout the facility to immediately assist their high value customers.

The implementation was a success.

“Our values of innovation and service rely on the technologies offered by our strategic partners (which you are now one of)”

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